Welles Remy Crowther has become known as "The Man in the Red Bandanna" for his courageous actions that saved many lives during his last hour on September 11, 2001. You can learn more from any of the links below.

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On Nov. 21 , 2014, Welles's aunt Carla Romanelli Crowther gave a talk on Wells at the Teaching Enlightenment conference in Torino, Italy.  The link to a video of her presentation has been added to this website's video page.

Boston College Football visited the National September 11 Memorial & Museum on Christmas morning, 2014, and paid special tribute to the 22 BC alumni who lost their lives in the attacks, including Welles.  Read the New York Daily News article tying together Welles, the Crowther family, BC football, and the Pinstripe Bowl.

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news page for details of the very busy month of September:   interview on WCBS radio, 9/11/14 Mets game, BC football game, Junior League article, concert preempted by wedding.   October saw the Red Bandanna Classic and the Red Bandanna Run [ photos ].

The videos page reflects the release of three recent videos, one filmed in the locker room immediately after Boston College's football victory over USC, another in response to Alison Crowther's visit to a middle school in connection with the Red Bandanna Project, and a third by Boston College, which devotes several seconds to the Red Bandanna Run.

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In September, 2014, the Junior League published an article about Welles and Alison.

Read the 2014 newsletter.         Visit .

MEDIA COVERAGE of 9/11 in 2013:
  • VIDEO: Alison interviewed on CNN
  • VIDEO: friend of Welles using Honor's book to teach elementary-school class
  • NEWSPAPER: article on Red Bandanna Project in The Journal News
PUBLISHED in February, 2013:

The Man in the Red Bandanna, a biography of Welles for children, written by his sister Honor Crowther Fagan and illustrated by his uncle John Crowther.   More information on facebook.   Available through amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.
Boston College sells commemorative lacrosse T shirts showing the name CROWTHER and number 19.  A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Trust.

Boston College inspirational video shows memorial to Welles.

The Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust is recognized as a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and is registered with the State of New York.